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Improve your customer service and generate more sales with powerful, cloud hosted contact centers.

Is Your Contact Center Holding Your Business Back?

Struggling to juggle sales and support calls in your current phone system? Tired of bridging gaps between your analog and digital data? Worried about meeting compliance and other standards?

Today’s businesses need modern solutions that spare them these problems. Call centers involve a lot of moving parts. With cloud-based services, calls can be effectively routed, recorded, and monitored with the greatest of ease. Plus, data can be instantly and securely stored in the cloud.

If you’re looking to improve your profitability and skip the headaches of traditional call centers, a cloud-based call center is an ideal solution.

Boost Your Contact Center’s Productivity

BlackFin Square is pleased to offer a cloud-hosted contact center that will help your business efficiently route and process calls. No need to worry about expensive phone equipment or hard-to-learn software. We spare you the cost of running a traditional contact center, but we don’t make you swap one source of frustration for another!

We do the work for you. Here’s how it works:

  • We help you find the right vendor for your business’s needs.
  • We set up and configure your new cloud-based call center
  • We establish scorecards to track your results.
  • We help your team get ready to maximize their productivity and reduce errors.
  • We’re here every step of the way to ensure your success.

Benefits of Cloud Hosted Contact Centers

Cloud-based contact centers protect your data. Contrary to popular belief, internally hosted call centers are not more secure than cloud-based options. In fact, many data breaches happen due to internal errors or when servers are not fully protected. However, cloud-based contact centers have multiple layers of security.

Cloud-based contact centers enjoy more uptime. Thanks to cloud technology, they can draw upon servers from multiple secure locations. If one server goes down for maintenance or due to an outage, you can still process calls.

Cloud-based contact centers can handle a higher call volume. One problem with traditional call center technology is that it doesn’t handle fluctuations well. We’ve all experienced the frustration of calling a business and sitting on hold for 30 minutes or more. Cloud solutions allow calls to be effectively routed and processed even if your number of live agents is limited. Plus, they can integrate with your CRM and automated messaging to better serve your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t cloud-based solutions more vulnerable to hackers?

For cloud-based contact center technology, no. In fact, the opposite is true if the system is properly set up! Multiple protective measures are built into the platform, and each server is protected as well. This protects your data from both cybercriminals and internal interference.

What makes cloud-based contact centers better than PBX or other traditional options?

You can integrate cloud-hosted solutions with other essential tools, such as your CRM and marketing automation. This helps you address each caller with customized messaging, then efficiently log and process call data with fewer errors. Plus, cloud-hosted call centers are more reliable and scalable than traditional technologies.

I have no idea where to start. How will BlackFin Square help me?

Great question! We’re committed to helping you leverage modern technologies to solve your problems. We know that adopting a new system can be challenging. When you work with us, we manage your project from start to finish, enabling you to choose the best equipment, vendors, and configurations to support your business’s goals.

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If you’re eager to scale up your business, improve your call response time and customer service, or simply make your team members’ lives easier, a cloud-based contact center is just what you need. We at BlackFin Square are ready to help you build a contact center for your future.

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