5 Myths About Cloud Call Centers

When you are looking into cloud-based services for your call center, you will want to make sure that you know what you should expect. There are a number of myths out there, which either create uncertainty about whether the cloud is right for the call center, or which cause people to mistakenly purchase software that is deceptively labeled as “cloud.”

Knowing what the cloud actually is and is capable of, will help to ensure that you know whether the cloud is right for your call center. It will also help you make sure that the services you purchase are actually authentic cloud services.

Let’s take a look at 5 common myths about cloud call centers:


Security is the top myth in regard to cloud services. The security myth causes people to believe that in order to prevent security threats, one must use a solution that is internally hosted, and therefore cloud services do not protect against security risks.

In actuality, legitimate cloud services provide a top way for preventing security threats. Cloud designers can actually build security into the code, ensuring 24/7 monitoring and risk prevention.

Interestingly, the vast majority of data leakage isn’t coming from outside the walls of the company.  In a recently published article, Verizon estimated that 77% of data breaches involve an insider. Whether it is the carelessness of an employee, or a disgruntled act of sabotage, CCaaS provides more controls on data security than does its on premise counterpart. 


Another common myth is that cloud services go down for maintenance during certain periods are therefore unavailable, and that causes the call centers to throw together unprofessional solutions during those times.

This is entirely untrue, as there are abundant availability zones around the world, which ensures that a legitimate cloud service can essentially deliver all of the time. When upgrades need to be done, there are servers available that prevent cloud availability from being affected.

Migrations are far less cumbersome with a cloud call center as well. Anyone who has gone through the pain of deploying a net-new on-premise call center technology knows that it is not a quick process.  For many organizations, it can take months upon months, if not years, to properly plan the process, set up the hardware, configure the networks, engineer the integrations, train or retrain the staff, and complete deployment.  Because much of the ‘heavy lifting’ is already completed in the cloud, cloud call center deployments can be completed in a fraction of the time.


Many people believe that cloud technology providers cannot manage volume fluctuations, which causes issues if a business has an increase in demand.

Legitimate cloud solutions are able to scale up, and down, without trouble. When a business that needs only a few call center agents experiences an influx of customers, they are able to increase their agents as high as necessary, instantly.

Are you also worried about customizing the experience for your organization’s needs? Cloud Call Centers are meeting the challenges of global organizations from every industry, and because of this, even seemingly unique and custom integrations are being designed, delivered, and deployed with far less from-the-ground-up work than ever before.  The days of bringing in an expensive and time-consuming development team to build APIs or connect platforms is largely a thing of the past.


Another myth about cloud services is that any simple issues such as a bug, maintenance, or a change in call center preferences, requires a ton of work and is impractical.

In actuality, any upgrade, enhancement, or fix only needs to be made once and is then available for all due to the constant innovation that accompanies cloud development. When you use cloud services, you have continuous access to all upgrades and capabilities and are able to implement them when you’re ready.


The fifth most common myth is that learning to use the tools and functions of a cloud solution is intensive and way too involved.

The truth is, cloud-based applications are simple and designed for self-service. You have total control over your cloud from a simple web-browser, which allows you to attend to any tasks with ease. The interface is easy to use and understand, allowing users to complete their tasks, such as flow authoring, optimizing routing paths, and real-time monitoring, without any hassle or undue time spent.

Want to Know More About Cloud Call Centers?

Are you considering a move to a cloud call center solution? Choosing the right partner and providers that know this space, and can support you end to end is crucial.  Learn more about our partnerships with cloud call center providers and our managed telecom services by reaching out to sales@blackfinsquare.com or by calling (770) 992-9199. 

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