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At BlackFin Square, our driving force and ultimate measurement of our success is your success. That's why "We're In Your Corner" means we're "all in" your corner, every step of the way, allowing you to worry less about managing infrastructure and focus more on growth. But don't just take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say..

“Normally it takes months to set up a call center. Using Fuze & BlackFin Square, we did it in just 30 days.”
"RingCentral provides enough complexity in their basic toolset that I can get in there and do what I need to do."
"Technology is ever-changing. The way it has to integrate from one platform to the website to what happens inside the theater, it all has to tie together and it has to work without a hiccup."

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"Fuze provides the ability to be completely hands-off with our communications technology. It’s interesting because I speak of Fuze as a partner of ours versus a vendor."
“No single person on the IT staff understood how it all worked. Not only was there IT complexity, there was also Telco complexity.”
"Our internet phone lines are running over fiber-optic cable, not the old copper wiring. When it rains here, it’s our wired lines that go down, not our hosted 8x8 service."

Let’s talk about the progress you’d like to see.

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