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For 20 years, BlackFin Square has helped multi-location global organizations seamlessly and effectively bring offices and people together, regardless of what part of the world they’re in. In fact, we’re working effectively in over 40 countries every day, giving companies like yours the stronger technology edge they need to fuel and manage their growth. While being global and providing the latest, most efficient tools and managing your infrastructure are important, it’s how we do it that makes us different.

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Shannon founded BlackFin Square in 1996. It’s her vision, passion, and leadership skills that have served as the catalyst for our growth.

She believes that to be an invaluable resource, we must be invaluably resourceful. That’s why she encourages strong, balanced and collaborative teams, building their skills and strengths, to address client needs. She empowers open-minded problem-solving leadership.

As Chief Executive Officer, her focus and passion is overseeing our Global Networks, UCaaS, Cloud and Colocation recommendations and the resolution of complicated provider/client conflicts. Shannon has grown BlackFin Square’s support base and partnered with more than 30 global best of breed partners and platforms.


With more than 20 years of technology and leadership experience, Chris joined Blackfin Square as Chief Operating Officer in 2012. His role and main objective is to facilitate and motivate growth for all aspects of BlackFin Square. He ensures full alignment of the company’s strategic and financial resources.

A seasoned leader, Chris is also driven by strong, skilled, balanced teams working collaboratively to solve client problems and fuel their growth. His executive focus is to ensure our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions and best in class customer service.

Prior to BlackFin Square, Chris served with EasyLink Services International Corporation as Executive Vice President of Global Operations, where he managed over 40 data centers and implemented technology and financial strategies. He successfully transformed their technology backbone into a model of strength and stability, with significant savings to the overall budget.

Chris enjoys quality time with his family, the occasional golf swing and sailing. He also enjoys the time he can spend helping others and volunteering on community service projects.


Townsend started his career in sales, commuting more than an hour each way for the privilege of making more than 120 outbound cold calls every day for a regional long distance reseller. This provided more than enough motivation to focus his efforts on attracting the attention of a better employer, and he was soon recruited to work for AT&T during the ’90s telecom and internet boom.

In 2009, Townsend elected to close its doors and has since worked with early stage, founder-led companies, helping them ‘crack the code’ of consistent and predictable growth. With tours of duty at BDM, TRW Technology Services, Lucent, and Avaya, Townsend has seen enough of big company life. In 2002, he left a secure job and hefty salary to start his own company. Three Value Logic operated as a sales consultancy and sales outsourcing company that, at its peak, delivered millions of cold calls and many more millions in revenue for their clients.


BlackFin Square is a rapidly growing organization uniquely able to provide customers of all sizes with the stronger technology edge they need to fuel and manage their growth. We’re a forward thinking, trustworthy, responsive, collaborative and conscientious company that puts itself first and foremost in our client’s corner.

“We’re In Your Corner” also means we’re in every employee’s corner. Because for us to be an invaluable resource, we must all be invaluably resourceful. So we foster a culture of listening, collaboration, problem-solving, growth and leadership. We take our social responsibility seriously and support employees who are supportive of the needs of others and strive to leave the world better than they found it.
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