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Find out where you are overpaying

35% of all telecom invoices have some sort of error. 85% of errors are in the providers' favor.

Am I really overpaying for my network?

Am I paying for services that were never installed?

Am I paying for services that were disconnected?

Am I paying incorrect rates or hidden fees?

Invoice errors include:

All of these items equate to significant financial consequences.

More than 90% of organizations don’t have a grasp of their contractual obligations including contract end dates and automatic renewals. Or they can’t locate their contracts and aren’t validating their invoices.

Last, when they have service impairments - they are not submitting for SLA credits - leaving free money on the table.

How it Works

BlackFin Square will conduct a FULL inventory of your telecom with ALL providers, on a global basis.


We will capture your network and telecom inventory, working directly with providers to gather contracts and invoices.


We will audit invoices vs. contracts.


We will present Cost Savings Solutions.

Get a Crystal Clear View of your telecom and network inventory:

BlackFin Square loads your entire telecom inventory into our workflow tool called Crystal. This provides a single pane of glass to view all metadata associated with your services and associated contract MSA’s and exhibits.

Crystal also allows us to create a financial assessment model that can be used to compare multiple provider solutions and costs.

The Financial Assessment compares:

Don’t leave money on the table. Get a cost savings analysis from BlackFin Square.

Audit first invoice versus contracted costs

Dispute any incorrect billing

Track any SLA credits

Provide billing reviews and anomolies

Deliver customized telecom financial reports

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