Why Managed Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity Services is Now a Necessity

Trends come and go. By definition, they are ephemeral. However, there’s one trend for Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity services that have stood the test of time: the need for managed services. 

You may be asking yourself why that’s the case. One reason is that the full scope of Managed Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity services is not captured in the name. Better names could be “Technology Lifecycle Management” or “Communications Lifecycle Management,” depending on what technologies are being supported.

To understand why managed services are the way to go, consider that managing the full lifecycle of Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity services requires managing all of these capabilities:

Inventory Optimization: This requires a company to track all hardware, software, maintenance, services, and contingent labor for each category of enterprise communications.

Sourcing & Contract Negotiation: This requires procurement skill sets that are specialized for each spend management category covered by your enterprise communications.

Fulfillment: You have to ensure that each employee receives the correct devices, services, and documents that they have been promised.

Invoice Reviews: Unfortunately, bill formats vary widely across all aspects of global connectivity, mobility, and apps. Companies are required to handle this combination of paper, EDI, and non-standard electronic formats, along with some payment processing.

Portfolio Optimization: Where possible, it’s important to think strategically about the purchasing of MPLS, DIA and WAN services to improve productivity, while minimizing downtime and maximizing collaboration and innovation.

Carrier Optimization: Companies can increase the scope and reach of their communications portfolio to all employees while minimizing costs and negotiating pricing with current providers.

In addition to all of these responsibilities, companies also need to keep on top of contract enforcement and disputes. Companies need to keep on top of their contracts and invoices to find any egregious billing errors and have the bandwidth to walk through billing disputes, which can involve lots of red tape and stall tactics. In fact, 35% of all telecom invoices have some sort of “hidden error,” most of which are in the provider’s favor. These errors can include slamming and cramming, unprocessed disconnections, contract compliance, and multiplicity.

Organizations that have Managed Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity services save up to 22% on overall annual global connectivity spend. Beyond the money saved, organizations with Managed Global Connectivity with Financial Integrity services also save time that can be spent on real innovation and growth. Today is the day you can figure out how this can help your organization save time, save money, and experience real growth.

A Managed Global Connectivity Partner

A Managed Global Connectivity partner will not only save your company’s Global Connectivity budget in a big way but will also free up time to focus on the strategic bigger picture. At BlackFin Square, we have more than two decades of experience in helping CIOs get back to work on creating company growth through innovation. Contact us today to learn more. 

Lets talk about how we can save you time and money.

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