The Benefits of a Vendor-Neutral Telecom Partner

While you may currently be using a direct-to-carrier model for your telecom needs, there are some drawbacks to this approach. Instead, consider a telecom partner that is vendor-neutral for your organization. Why? There are many benefits to using a telecom partner, most notably significant savings, unlimited options, and not being “pushed” into a partnership you don’t want.

Different Options for Suppliers

Many managed telecom partners are successful today because they’ve built relationships with a multitude of trusted suppliers. A managed telecom partner will always make you their number one priority by opting for a vendor-neutral approach, partnering you only with suppliers they trust and are the most cost-effective for your company.

Using a managed telecom partner will set you up for success because all of the legwork will be cut off from the vetting process. You can trust your suppliers and they’ll ultimately be a better fit for your company in the long run.

They’re Personalized

Managed service providers are not amateurs. Every MSP you work with will be dedicated and focused on catering to your needs above anyone else’s, giving you peace of mind and highly personalized solution planning.

Your needs are placed above your competitors or another client’s, meaning your MSP will strategize and construct the perfect plan for you. The plans will take into account both your specific needs and the optimal budget. In fact, many MSPs today have contact with hundreds of trusted partners, which means that they can easily provide your company multiple quotes from all over the industry.

Eradicate Quotas

Going supplier-direct may seem like the simpler and cheaper option, but supplier salespeople will only be trying to close the deal which works for them, which nets them the most commission possible. A managed service supplier, however, will not have quotas and will not be worried about “closing the deal.”

They’re working with you and for you to provide you the best suppliers in the industry. Far more important to them are your loyalty and repeat business. Rather than focusing on a one-and-done approach, managed service suppliers emphasize customer satisfaction and continued business for years down the road.

Foster Better Relationships

The worst kept secret in the industry is that carrier sales reps tend to jump around from one company to another. They have no loyalty and won’t bring you to a supplier with whom you can trust and foster a long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship. However, vendor-neutral suppliers are often more ingrained in the companies they work for.

Your team and company can greatly reduce overhead and costly time expenditure by partnering with a vendor-neutral supplier and nixing the pesky “account representative.” In this path, you’ll become a partner, and your vendors will become an extension of your team, working with you and for you. They know the top trends and have invaluable knowledge of the industry at their disposal, which becomes at your disposal when you hire them.

Save Money

Not only will you combine multiple services, but you’ll also be able to reply to your resources in a more effective and efficient way to fit your organizational strategy. These savings is immense, as wages are rising for people based in technological fields.

In addition, hiring, firing, and rehiring multiple people for the same role is always exasperatingly expensive, but you can skip the hassle and headache by moving straight to a vendor-neutral supplier. This way, you’ll be pushing the ‘easy to outsource’ work to another source while focusing your more expensive resources to focus on what’s most important to your organization!

Get Started With a Vendor-Neutral Telecom Partner

Remove hassle and headaches and save money and time, by partnering with a vendor-neutral service, like ours at BlackFin Square. With over 20 years of experience and being completely vendor-neutral ourselves, we’d love to help you get started! Schedule a free consultation anytime!

Lets talk about how we can save you time and money.

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